Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

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Do you ever wish there was a handbook for your life, or a map so you could easily plot your course forward, towards your dreams?

Are you lost in the drudgery of the day-to-day?

Have you lost your connection to the magic, enthusiasm and excitement of your life?

Cue in the background music of You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling… Whoa, whoa that loving feeling…  You know that feeling where the struggle and survival outweigh the adventure and bliss.  Or when clarity and movement are bound by the tangled thoughts and fear in your head.

The tragedy of it all, it’s YOUR own loving feeling that is slipping away. You don’t know how to cut through the tangled mess in your head, and you believe the separation you feel is real and deserved.  Oh, part of you believes you deserve the good things in life, but then when they don’t show up your heart sinks. Each time part of your heart feels like it gets chipped away, and you are left wondering if all the painful talk, limitation and fear in your head is really true.

It is time to return to that loving feeling! I am here to love and inspire you along the way. But, what happens when that isn’t enough? You need something tangible that is your own to create tangible movement. Well, I am also here to teach, inspire and support you in all that you are!

I help people map out their hearts and then teach them how to read their unique heart map.  You want a handbook to life, well once you see it’s right there in your story, all mapped out for you, you will be ready to take on the world.  Not to mention you will see just how miraculous and powerful your heart is, despite all the chatter in your head.  You can use all the chatter, challenge and fear to help you navigate your way through towards your dreams. Talk about bringing back that loving feeling. And with that loving feeling comes power and freedom!

Let’s transform your struggles and challenges, so that you can stand in a place of personal power, strength and love. You will never be able to look at the world around you the same again.

Alicia Hartzell

“Dare to be all of you, not just pieces of you.”