Paralyzed by Fear

Summer Session Q & A Fear comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some fears, like of spiders, is no big deal. You could go your whole life without wanting to deal with a spider. But what [...]

Being the Change

Summer Session Q & A Ever read a great quote and feel inspired by it, then realize you don’t really know how to bring the quote to life for yourself? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. Today’s [...]

Sabotaging Love

Summer Session Q & A Ok guys we are about to take on the inner saboteur. Whether it’s love, money, business, or any old dream waiting to be fulfilled self-sabotaging can really rain on your [...]

The Dating Treadmill

Summer Session Q & A Have you or your friends been disappointed by a love relationship or fallen off the dating treadmill? Being on the hunt for “the one” can leave you in ruins. Those [...]

Pain in the World

Summer Session Q & A Do you ever feel bogged down by the painful things you see happening in the world or reflected on social media? Today’s question asks about valance, rape, shootings, [...]

Should-ing on Yourself

Summer Session Q & A Ever feel like you are doing everything you are “suppose” to do in life only to end up feeling empty about the whole thing?  Your “Should Do” list keeps gets longer, but [...]

Dealing With Doubt

Summer Session Q & A Doubt comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some doubt sneaks in and is second nature to your limited beliefs. Other doubt comes in like a tsunami and takes over your [...]

Wanting What Others Have

Summer Session Q & A Do you ever get super frustrated or bummed when you see other people basking in the bliss of having the very thing that you want? “Why can’t I have it too?” It’s like [...]

Forgiving Vs Forgetting

Summer Session Q & A Have you ever forgiven someone only to be stuck with weight of situation still heavy on your heart? Forgiving vs. forgetting is one of those tricky places that can be [...]

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