Dealing With Doubt

Summer Session Q & A

Doubt comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some doubt sneaks in and is second nature to your limited beliefs. Other doubt comes in like a tsunami and takes over your dreams.

Today’s Summer Session Q & A taps right into that “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” place of doubt.


“I feel like I am constantly second-guessing myself. Can you help me understand how to overcome the doubt?” – Stopped By Second Guessing



There is nothing worse than being close to your dream, then doubting your ability to have it. When second-guessing has you paralyzed on the path to your dreams, it’s time to take a doubt diet.

In this week’s episode I give you three heart actionables that help you overcome the doubt. It’s time to put that doubt to good use.

Remember, you are never alone in your humanity. Let me know your questions and concerns in life and if I can help I will. Until next time know that I am holding a space of love for you where the truth is undeniable.


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