Paralyzed by Fear

Summer Session Q & A

Fear comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some fears, like of spiders, is no big deal. You could go your whole life without wanting to deal with a spider. But what about the fears that keep you separated from the very things you want. Those fears are the ones we are going to talk about.

Today’s Summer Session Q & A taps right into that “paralyzing” place where your dreams are being held hostage by your fear.

QUESTION: How do I move beyond the fear?

  • “I am afraid to jump out into something on my own.” – Dreaming of Working for Myself
  • “I’m afraid to do the personal work, because I am afraid of what I might find.” – Dreaming of Emotional Freedom
  • “I am afraid to take the next step in my job.” Dreaming of a Promotion


No matter what kind of fear has its grip on you, it’s time for you to use that fear to help you!

In this week’s video we are going to put the fear to work for you! Yup, it’s time make some magic happen!

Remember, you are never alone in your humanity. Let me know your questions and concerns in life and if I can help I will. Until next time know that I am holding a space of love for you where the truth is undeniable.


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