“Alicia gets straight to the heart of the matter. If traditional therapy is a marathon, the techniques in ‘Awakening to Your Story’ offer a sprint into the thinking, patterns, and experiences from the past that prevent you from connecting to your fullest life today. Both inspirational and practical, Alicia encourages her readers, and the people whom she guides, to view pain, failure, heartbreak, confusion, fear and other negative experiences as neutral information that can propel you to greater growth, and control over your everyday thinking and decisions. ‘Awakening to Your Story’ provides people with the tools you need to respond to life’s challenges from a place of self-care, and employ specific techniques to move from inaction to actively living the life they desire.”

-Penny, Austin TX

“I have worked with Alicia Hartzell through many different phases of my story over the past four years. This work constantly initiated profound change in my life. She has assisted me in healing old trauma, and created a path in front of me that is entirely different from the one I had been on. Instead of living in confusion and beating myself up for my perceived “failures” with no forward movement, Alicia helped me to create a space for myself that was loving, compassionate, and empowered. As a direct result of the work that I have done with Alicia, I have achieved fulfillment in all areas of my life. I have the tools I need to work through hardship and pain with grace and a minimum amount of struggle. I am so incredibly thankful to have encountered this amazing individual, and to have the gift of her insight and wisdom.”

– Tina, Austin TX

Alicia’s wisdom and balance always bring me back to a real place where I can become myself and grow rather than reacting to the ‘trauma’ of life. Some people have degrees and letters after their names, and others find a path that they generously and wisely offer to show others who are looking for a way through the maze of life. Alicia is one of the latter. She has navigated significant trauma in her own life with such grace and joy, it is impossible not to ask her, ‘What is your secret?’ The idea that every person has a story to live and tell and learn from is not new. It resonates in all of literature and humanity. Decoupling the search for self from modern psychology and religion by focusing on each individual’s story opens the door for healing without strings attached, for surviving without denying or reliving trauma, for all of humanity to heal one story at a time.”<

– Sue, Austin TX

“Working with Alicia has allowed me to understand my personal journey, and how I control the choices and decisions in my life. Having Alicia as a Life Coach helped me recognize successes and challenges, and how to navigate towards acceptance and happiness.”

– Louis, Katy TX

“Alicia Hartzell has a beautiful way of seeing into the heart of even the most complicated situations. Life can feel like a tornado sometimes leaving a person feeling pushed and pulled in a million directions at once. Alicia helps guide people back into their own state of being so that they can navigate through the information presented to them in any given situation with ease.”

– Charlotte, Austin TX

“When my husband and I embarked on our journey to become husband and wife, we wanted someone to marry us that was special, and understood love the way we’ve come to experience it. That person was Alicia. She walked us though every step of premarital exploration, and supported us in our journey of getting to ‘I do.’ She expanded our capacity of heart in just four sessions. Really, truly, she understands the root of happiness, and has this magical way of gently guiding you to it as well. We didn’t think we could be more in love, or understand each other more than we already did…and then, Alicia opened our world, allowing us to dig even deeper. She is truly one of a kind. She is dedicated to her purpose, like no one I have ever known. Her genuine approach to counsel and mentor; those who may be struggling within love, trying to find love, or have already found it and look to strengthen their love, is unprecedented. Our wedding was magical, and I never felt more grounded in my life than I did that day standing next to my husband, saying our vows with Alicia walking us all the way through. THANK YOU to this amazing woman for changing our lives and the way we love to experience it on another level that’s healthier and richer than I could have ever imagined. She’s the heart expert.”

– Selena, Austin Texas – Wedding in Florida

“Alicia was such an amazing companion on our wedding journey. My husband and I share a unique spirituality that Alicia completely understood and tapped into. She chatted with us about what we envisioned for our ceremony, and offered suggestions when we drew a blank. She was able to gather all of our seemingly scattered thoughts and ideas, and channel them into that one special moment with just the right words. We all worked together to create the most beautiful, downstream, loving event I could have imagined. We are both so thankful to have had this beautiful individual be such an integral part of our ceremony.”

– Tina, Austin – Wedding in Colorado

“Alicia’s services are a precious gift! She is a competent professional who uses her skills and talents to improve the lives of others. Alicia is capable of helping others navigate through the most difficult times of their lives; providing unwavering encouragement and direction at all times. She is truly a guiding light!”

– Lisa, Houston TX

“I just wanted to say thank you. You are such an amazing soul, and so talented at what you do. I am so thankful for you, and what you have done for me has been truly life changing. My conversations with you are always so centering. When I am feeling jumbled and confused, it’s always you who leads me back to my heartspace. You, unlike anyone else, always help me get to the deeper issue at hand. I’ll be mad/sad/upset about one thing, then learn it has nothing to do with that, but something else completely! And in observing this, I’m able to grow and learn, and clear out all the old blocks that are keeping me from what I really want! You are so uniquely talented, and you have so much to share with the world!”

– Linda, Austin TX

Alicia is one of those wonderful people who is absolutely committed to creating happiness, forgiveness, and positive energy. She helped me get to the root of a problem that had been bothering me for years, shift my attitude about it, and ultimately release it. I would trust her with any trouble, big or small!”

– Joy, Austin TX

“You have shown me that there is a perspective that embodies looking at events as information and lessons. You always say that life happens for you, not to you, and that you have a choice. Now, I know you are right. I can now take life events apart, and see the bigger picture. I can use them to help me continue to move forward. You have shown me the why, and more importantly, the how. The progress made is impressive, although easy to forget when you are in the midst of it all. You took a small glimmer of curiosity, and opened it wide up, like a spot light. Thank you for holding my hand on this journey, and for guiding me. Thank you for showing me what life can look like, and that moving forward doesn’t have to be scary… that I don’t have to fight against it…that there is joy and beauty and freedom…that it is ok to let go… that it is ok to truly be me. You are possibly the most powerful influence that has impacted my life, and taught me ways to move through experiences that seem so painful. Thank you for showing me how to save myself.”

– KTH, Austin TX

This amazing book and person has added a different and helpful spin to my recovery from addiction. I have done work, and dealt with issues of the hurricane of my past, and she gave me an outlook and tools of dealing with matters of life and my inner child, that in recovery have found to be a huge part in recovery. Her seminars and blog are a beginning to a wonderful adventure, and her one-on-one sessions to express your thoughts with her are priceless. I have been in recovery for thirteen years, and the anxiety and circular thinking has now been minimized and workable.”

– Anonymous

Alicia’s class was professional, intimate, entertaining, transformational, and above all, truly inspiring! Her optimism and zeal for life are contagious and her passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others is abundant. She is a wonderful and personable speaker who has truly found her calling. I can’t imagine anyone leaving her class and not feeling uplifted and with some new “tools” for their “tool boxes!”

– Peoples Pharmacy

“Alicia has been a trusted friend on the journey. Her work is so powerful and the light she shines into your soul is very healing. Working with Alicia has taken me through some of the darkest times of my life to genuine and authentic healing of old wounds. I continue to consult her when I come across information that needs further exploration. She is a master of her craft. She has a clarity and openness that allows you to heal on a very deep level. I cannot say enough about her impact in my life.”

– Shayla, Austin TX