The Dating Treadmill

Summer Session Q & A

Have you or your friends been disappointed by a love relationship or fallen off the dating treadmill? Being on the hunt for “the one” can leave you in ruins. Those “what’s wrong with me” feelings leave you carrying around a lot of hurt and disappointment.  Whether you are on the treadmill or you are holding the hand of a friend who is, this one is for you

Today’s Summer Session Q & A taps right into that “why isn’t it happening” place in the heart.


“My friend keeps dating the same kinds of crappy guys. To say she has a type is an understatement. It’s like it’s the same person in a different body every time. It doesn’t matter if she finds them on a dating site, in person, it never works out. She says she want’s to find the one and she always rushes in and thinks every guys is “the guy”, but then inevitably she ends up in a heap recovering from yet another crappy breakup.

I don’t know what to do to help her anymore. I want her to find a loving happy relationship, but she can’t seem to get there. I love your idea of mapping out the heart, and I wanted to know if it applies to this. Can you explain it to me so that I can help her figure out what is going on?” – Friend of Floundering in Relationships


There isn’t a simple answer for how to make love relationships work or how to find that one perfect person. BUT, if you pull back the curtain of the heart and have some powerful tools to help you understand how it all works, you will be ahead of the dating curve.

What you learn today can be applied to so many areas of your life and handed down to friends, or children as they cry on your shoulder. I think you are really going to like this one!

Remember, you are never alone in your humanity. Let me know your questions and concerns in life and if I can help I will. Until next time know that I am holding a space of love for you where the truth is undeniable.


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