Unhappiness Vs Happiness

Summer Session Q & A

What do you do when unhappiness or sadness come into your life? Do you push it down with food, booze, tv or anything that will help take the edge off? I want you to know that all the parts of you, even the unhappy ones, are valuable.

Today’s Summer Session Q & A taps right into that “gloomy” place where unhappiness can put you into a tailspin. And then tap into the “thank goodness” space where it all serves your higher good.

We are going to reference a prior video and I want you to have the link, just in case you need a refresher. (Summer Session 8 Should-ing on Yourself)


“In episode 8 you talked about building a happiness scale. I really enjoyed the story about your client, but as someone who fights depression, isn’t it unreasonable to expect to be happy all of the time? I was wondering if you could talk about the reality of happiness and how the scale works.” – Hopeful About Happiness


Is happiness 24/7 an unreasonable expectation? Well, being human is a lot more than just one emotion. Unhappiness or its counter part sadness, have a valuable place in humanity. But, it can be hard when unhappiness grabs a hold of you and you can’t seem to shake it.

In this week’s video we are going to walk through a three-step plan of action to make that unhappiness work for you.

Remember, you are never alone in your humanity. Let me know your questions and concerns in life and if I can help I will. Until next time know that I am holding a space of love for you where the truth is undeniable.


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