Wanting What Others Have

Summer Session Q & A

Do you ever get super frustrated or bummed when you see other people basking in the bliss of having the very thing that you want? “Why can’t I have it too?” It’s like someone is putting a sword through your heart when you see photos of people in relationships, traveling the world, getting a new home, car, promotion, or even having the baby you wish you could have.

Today’s Summer Session Q & A taps right into that “gut wrenching” place of longing and frustration.


“I am single and, when I see people on Facebook displaying their relationship bliss, I get pissed off. I try to make myself feel better by saying they are all faking it, but I don’t know, and it doesn’t make me feel better. If I have to see one more wedding or baby announcement, I might punch someone in the face. Why can everyone else seem to have what I want but me?” – Wrecked By Wanting



Put down the boxing gloves! YOU ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK! That’s right! In today’s video you will find out three actionable to rid your heart of the frustration. Right now you are stretching your capacity to embrace your dreams! DON’T, I repeat DON’T get lost in the frustration! Head on over to the video and get the tools to dig yourself out of the frustration!

Remember, you are never alone in your humanity. Let me know your questions and concerns in life and if I can help I will. Until next time know that I am holding a space of love for you where the truth is undeniable.


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