Meet Alicia

Alicia HartzellIt is in our uniqueness that we find our voice and expression of love. Tucked away in this truth, you find your desires, and in those desires, you find purpose. It is something that you just can’t walk away from, something that when you give yourself over to it, you find bliss, excitement and an overwhelming sense of connection. This is part of my story on the journey to awakening.

I was a lover from the beginning. My empathetic heart could feel other people’s pain and joy. Where there was pain I wanted to you bring back to love, and where there was joy, I wanted to help you celebrate.

Just as we all do, I entered this journey believing anything was possible, that my curiosity could take me anywhere, that love was unwavering and unconditional. I was connected, but free, all at the same time. Everything that I needed was there waiting for me, as I was completely provided for. There was a rhythm and harmony to life that I unknowingly danced with, as I laughed and learned and loved.

As my parents survived their own experiences, I started to pull away from what I believed to be true. Slowly I was being taught that love was painful, disappointing, and something to keep at arm’s distance, if you wanted to feel safe and secure. Curiosity was something that got you in trouble. I was being taught that my life was supposed to be small, or at least smaller that those around me. People that were meant to be pillars of strength crumbled at my feet. Love leaves you and strands you so, whatever you do, don’t be vulnerable to that kind of pain. With each divorce, with each abusive act, with each act of survival, I adopted a truth about love and my life that was contradictory to what I fundamentally knew to be true.

It was so easy to believe the lies, because as the people around me survived I too was learning to survive. The adoption of pain and limitation come easily because our human nature wants us to keep going. Human nature is miraculous; to want to keep going despite what is in front of you, what you have seen and what you have felt. But it’s the soul and heart’s nature that goes far beyond even that place. It is the miraculous nature of your heart to come full circle, to come back home to your essential truth. Awakening from the slumber of fear, and loving your own heart back to its fundamental truth are the key.

It was in this awakening that I found my heart’s voice. That voice of love had to find a way to put the pieces together, so that other people could understand the miraculous nature of their heart. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to come home to their essential truth. And this is where my very unique expression of love became my passion and my purpose. The thing that I cannot walk away from is you. Teaching, inspiring and supporting your heart is my bliss. Your heart and your story are more valuable than you know, and it’s time for you to understand how it all works. Your journey home, your dreams being realized and you finding your bliss, this is what I am all about.